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Keeping Warm in a Cold Season

With the winter season comes an urge to snuggle up on the couch by the fireplace with a hot cup of coco. Yet, why not have this same experience in your backyard protected from the discomforts of winter. There are several things you can add to your landscape which can make it much more enjoyable when the snow starts falling.

Fireplaces & Bonfires

Having a bonfire or fireplace outdoors near a main patio or seating area produces warmth and creates a romantic ambiance for that space. An open fire invites tasty treats to be roasted over its flames which can add to its usability during the cold season. Make sure to always keep some extra wood or propane around so that your fire is always ready for guests. A fire feature paired with a cabana or covered area captures more heat and enhances the romantic feel even more.

Windbreaks & Structures

Consideration of the wind is always key in designing usable winter spaces. When placed appropriately, a semi-pervious windbreak can prevent gusts from entering a space while still promoting airflow. Evergreen trees such as spruce, cedar, juniper and pine are a perfect option for winter screening. These plants maintain their aesthetic throughout the cold season and prevent a breeze on windy days. Man-made and planted screens can also prevent snowdrift into your outdoor spaces. Solid overhead structures may also prevent buildup of snow and helps capture escaping heat from fire features within.

Space Heaters

Less traditional means of heating can be achieved through space/patio heaters. These features can be incorporated into a structure to make a space much more usable during the cold season. Such elements can be ceiling or wall mounted while others are placed under tables and chairs to create heat from below. If your budget can handle it, inground heaters can also be placed to reduce snow load.

Blankets & Clothing

An easily accessible bundle of extra blankets, mittens and hats can be one last thing that will easily add to the comfort of any winter space. You can even match them with your décor to bring all the elements into one unified display… and have a laugh with all your friends in matching outfits!

The next time you want to stick inside to enjoy that cup of hot coco, consider that your outdoor space could be just as cozy with the right considerations. Ask your landscape professional what they can do to make your yard more livable during the wintertime so you can still enjoy its beauty.

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